Good Food Box

Good food box

Helping our Community Eat Well and Spend Less

Anyone can order one or more good food boxes. Boxes must be pre-ordered and paid for in cash (exact change) on or before the order by date. You can pre-purchase your next box when you pick up your order. Boxes must be picked up, before 6pm. (Note: Boxes not picked up will be donated - no refunds will be given.)

Order Date

Pick-up Date

Jan 9

Jan 18

Jan 30

Feb 8

Feb 27

Mar 8

Mar 20

Mar 29

Apr 24

May 3

May 22

May 31

Jun 12

Jun 21

Sep 11

Sep 20

Oct 9

Oct 18

Oct 30

Nov 8

Nov 27

Dec 6

Good Food Boxes come in the following sizes:


40 lbs - $40.00


30 lbs - $35.00

Small Box

20 lbs - $30.00
For information call Oak Park Church office at (403) 251-5150 or email [email protected]

The Good Food Box Program

The Good Food Box (GFB) is a program under the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary whereby you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at a very low cost. The Good Food Box is a hands-up program as opposed to hands-out.

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