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We know that visiting a church can be intimidating, but I assure you that we'll do whatever we can to make you feel welcome.

– Lane Scruggs, Senior Pastor

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Fear Not

Of all the commands in Scripture, the one we hear most often is "Fear Not." The truth is, most of us dream of not being gripped by fear or living with anxiety, worry, and stress. But in the reality of our lives, we just can't seem to heed the command of God to not be afraid. We're afraid of the unknown, of change, of failing, of letting others down, of losing those we love and ultimately of our death. How does God's word help us see and pursue a different way? How can we begin to embrace God's offer to FEAR NOT in our day-to-day lives? Come join us for a 6-week series focused on identifying and combating fear in our own lives.

Fear Not C

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