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– Lane Scruggs, Senior Pastor

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Promises of God

The other day I was struggling to understand what my nearly-two year old daughter was trying to tell me. It was only when she kept sticking her tiny hand in my face that I realized she was saying, "pinky promise." Not sure which one or ones of her older siblings are feeding her the info, but I can assure you that she had no idea what she was actually saying (though I had to supress how adorable it was to remind her that we don't "pinky promise" in our house). That's part of the problem with promises, isn't it? We simply don't know the full scope of what we are getting ourselves into and subsequently, in part because of our lack of understanding, our track record in keeping them is abysmal. Marriages fail, relationships fade, BFFs turn into fakes, and that thing you have your heart set on just never seems to arrive. But God knows exactly what He's getting Himself into when He makes a promise. And better yet, His track record is unblemished. There are hundreds of God-given promises in Scripture, many of which pertain to us and our lives. We need to hear these promises again and again to be reminded of God's faithfulness and the assurance of His presence as we live our lives.

Promises of God

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