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Norm & Jill Weatherhead - Papua New Guinea

Pioneer Bible Translators began in 1976, and exists to disciple the Bibleless peoples of the world, mobilizing God’s people to provide enduring access to God’s Word. Pioneer Bible Translators is a member of the Forum of Bible Agencies International, which exists to maximize the access and impact of God’s Word. They are also part of Illuminations, a collective impact alliance, which aims to eliminate Bible poverty in this generation through collaborative efforts.

Norm Weatherhead recently served as the Director of Language Affairs (DLA) overseeing 16 language projects for the PBT Papua New Guinea Branch. In 2019, Norm transitioned to become the primary Translation Advisor to the Akukem language project and helps to do the exegetical check of their drafted Bible translation Scriptures. Jill volunteers as an administrative assistant for the PBT PNG Branch as well as supporting Norm and the work of the Akukem project. Their desire is to travel at least once a year to PNG to be able to work directly with the Akukem team and to assist them with their translation, literacy, and Scripture Impact goals for their people.