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Losing someone close to us is one of the most earth-shaking things we will ever experience. As a result, when the occasion calls for it or upon request, we gather a caring group of people who are familiar with the pain that accompanies grief to go through the GriefShare program together. While we often want to isolate ourselves following a loss it seems the opposite is really what we need. GriefShare gives us what we need through a twelve-week program focused on supporting one another and building a community in which we can freely express what we are going through.

Please contact the church office if you think that you, or someone you know, would benefit from walking the path of grief with others who have been there themselves and can empathize with you.

The Alpha Course

Alpha is an eleven-week course within which anyone can explore the Christian faith in a safe and comfortable environment. Alpha is designed around building a community where questions about life and faith can be discussed without feeling silly or judged.

Each Alpha session includes a meal, a talk, along with time to explore your questions in a small group of like-minded people. You don’t have to be a Christian or have any church background to join an Alpha Course, you just have to have questions.

At Oak Park Church we don’t run the Alpha Course on any regular schedule, only when there is enough interest. If you or someone you know would like to take the Alpha Course, please call the church office and enquire when the next Alpha will run.

The Sanctuary Course

Churches have been notoriously negligent in talking about mental health. We confess that we have not lived up to our calling to preach good news into brokenness in ALL areas of life - ignoring or shaming issues surrounding mental health has led to a crisis within the church. We want to reopen that conversation in a sensitive and helpful manner.

The Sanctuary Course is for anyone who wants to learn about faith and mental health. It requires no previous training or expertise—just a willingness to engage in dialogue with other believers.

The Sanctuary Course is an eight-week study guide for small groups. Each week participants will gather together, listen to it on audiobook, watch a film, and engage in conversation, reflection, and prayer. The course is designed to be run by small-group leaders in your church or organization.